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Factory Stock/ Pure Stock

For those that have participated and or watched the FS/PS over the years it's hard not to see how it has progressed. Good or bad, changes have taken place over the 15+ years it has been around.

Changes that I think are going to effectively do the most change is the camshaft rule. The 1% camshaft rule effectively opens up the rule book to a more sizable catalog of lobes.

You could argue that a single pattern camshaft could be engineered to be a duel pattern camshaft if desired. I think that it has to be seen if the modern lobes(tight lash) or dwell lobes are a step up from the factory grinds. The Chevy big block cams have not found a much better stick than the reproduction camshaft. I don't know how much testing has been done but the faster cars seem to like the Crane product. Responses??


Pure Stock LS-6, 4 Speed
12.21@115.32 2009 PSMCDR
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