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New guy from California

Hi there, my name is Chris and like the title says I am from Southern California. I love the F.A.S.T. Pure Stock racing. I am a racer at heart, I have two dedicated race cars (both Darts). For years I have been collecting and restoring muscle cars. For years I was a mechanic by trade. Right now I am changing direction in my collection and trading up to more rare and valuable cars. I am trying to do this on a shoestring budget but I am getting it done slowly. I currently own a 69 Super Bee and 70 Challenger T/A, along with 9 other Mopars. The reason I found you guys was that I am looking to spice up my T/A with a 360 that came out of my bracket car. When it was in my bracket car it had a custom cam and that car ran mid 11's at 116 in street rim. I want to run the stock exhaust manifolds and stock exhaust in my T/A so I was searching for similar builds and what you used for cams. The sight has been very interesting and helpful already, so thanks in advance. My Super Bee is a day 2 car with headers and an unknown cam in it. Its also a 4 speed (like the T/A) and has 4.10s and a six-pack (also like the T/A). I ran the Bee at Hot Rods Drag Weekend last year and it was pretty slow since it had a drag radial on it and launching it with vacuum operated carbs. I did manage to run a 13.66 at Phoenix lettting off at 1000 feet, it nosed over for an unknown reason. Anyways it was a blast and I did hurt the 18 spline trans in the process, but it did ,ake it 1100 miles and made 20 passes at 3 different tracks. Here are some pics.

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