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new guy with 69 Chevelle SS

 Good day fellow gear-heads,

I'd like to start on a different sort of project with my 69 in keeping within the FAST theme - what I would like to do is make my 1969 Chevelle SS 396 a street terror while looking totally stock. Ideally, something that'd turn high 11's / low 12s with street gears and a 4 speed. The fun part being my car is an L34 car i.e. 350hp 396, Qjet car....

Below I layout my set up for you to comment on...

1969 Chevelle.
454 cu. in.
.030" over / 10.5 compression
Ported GM iron oval port heads - 049 castings (flow 290+ on the good intake runner - supported over 600hp in my last motor).
Cast Iron GM Qjet intake - stock, no porting or gasket matching
Carb: 17057584 (SMI stage-2 build) / 43 rod (43k) / CE sec. rods / 76 Primary Jets / .130" needle & seat / provision for externally adjusting APT.
Exhaust manifolds - stock, no porting or gasket matching
Crane Hydraulic flat tappet. 284 / .228 / .544" / 112
Mechanical fuel pump - Edelbrock performer RPM --into stock repro fuel filter before carb (I also have the stock pump on hand)
3/8" fuel line front to back with factory return line.
Pertronix ignition under stock distributor (hidden msd 6AL for rev limiter)
M20 4 speed transmission (2.52 1st gear)
3.08 posi
Full 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust exiting stock location.
***Dyno said 450 hp & 530 TQ (peak tq @ 2300 rpm)... this was with dyno headers and elec fuel pump.

---> Any input on having intake ported / gasket matched to the heads?
---> Porting exhaust manifolds? Is it even worth it with my combo?
---> Cam swap? What about a HR Roller?
---> Rear gears? I kinda like 3.08s for street driving....yeah-I know
---> Honestly, how bad are bias ply tires for street driving?
---> Any suggestions on the tune in the carb?
---> p.s. what are your thoughts on the filter pictured below on my engine - This is the stock look/mounting but think it may be restrictive? Car actually runs out of steam at 5,000 rpm and I feel it should pull pretty hard tpast that. I was thinking of making this a dummy filter and having fuel line run straight through it with an aftermarket filter back near the tank.
---> *Can I take the fuel filter out of the carb body? Seems redundant to run this with an inline filter


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Re: new guy with 69 Chevelle SS

Beautiful car, I had a black 1969 SS 396 L78/M21 car - wish I never sold it.

The filters may be a slight restriction. Try removing them temporarily and see if the ET & MPH improve any with no other changes.

Do you already have the cam? I ask because in my experiences... a dual pattern cam will work much better with the exhaust manifolds. Not to mention I'm not sure you'll fool anyone with the way the idle sounds. (the factory 350 HP cam was 214/218 .461/.480 lift on a 115 LSA)

Just my $0.10 worth... I'm sure others with more experience will speak up.

1972 Chevelle SS 454/4 speed "tribute"
F/S car - almost done.
1969 Chevelle 2dr Hardtop - next on deck.
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