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F/S Martin tire rule

At the Martin races the "tire rule" will bestrictly enforced if your running Factory Stock.
 *We will be using the "penny rule".
*If at anytime during the race the tire is illegalyou will haveto switchitout.(swap front to rear, put different tires on, or whatever)
*If your tire is illegal and your heading into an elimination round you will automatically be disqualified. It will not beup to theother racer or even the guy's running the event. Your out!
* A tire will be found illegal if even one thread does not pass the penny test. Even if the tire only fails the penny test in one spot on the tire it is illegal.
*Penny Test: simply stick a penny upside down in the thread (not on top of the wear bars), using only the weight of the penny (i.e. you cannot push down on the penny to change the measurement) and Lincoln's head should remain covered.

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