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Martin tech

Factory Stock 2012 tech:
 Compression must not exceed the NHRA maximum number for the stock class or 1.5 points over the stock factory advertised compression, whichever is greater.
 Valve spring pressure must not exceed 130lbs at the seat. We have bought a $650 valve spring tester designed specifically for the Hemi engines.
 Valve lift will be checked and must be with-in 2% of the factory lift at zero lash. Hyd lifter engines will have to remove one lifter and replace it with a solid lifter for testing if the hyd lifter bleeds down. We will supply the lifter.
P&G cubic inch test (up to .070 allowed on vintage OEM blocks, .030 on replacement blocks)
We may ask you to remove your drain plug to inspect your rods, crank, etc via bore-o-scope.
Transmission must shift all forward gears on its own with gear selector left in Drive. Transmission stall speed must not exceed 2400. This will be determined by brake torqueing the car until the tires break loose.
Manual transmission cars will be checked for proper scrono(sp?) mesh. No crash boxes allowed, must shift smoothly. Manual transmission cars will be checked for aluminum flywheel.

Basically we plan on pin pointing the faster cars in the class for tech.

F.A.S.T. 1971 Hemi Cuda on the way!
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