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Important racer in for Martin

Welcome to the 9th annual F.A.S.T. and Factory Stock race! Please read thru this letter as it contains new procedures for 2010. The F.A.S.T. board would like to thank you for participating and making this a great annual event!

Sincerely, Dave Dudek, Greg Gessler, Terry Pennington

Car Numbers:
Please ensure that your assigned car number is clearly written on the front windshield and driver side window. DO NOT change your assigned number. Clearly written car numbers will help the track staff correctly enter your car number in the computer when you race.

Sponsor Stickers:
During tech inspection, you will receive 2 sponsor stickers (NPD & ZDDP), It is mandatory that both stickers are affixed to the car's windshield before making a run down the track. Mount the stickers on the windshield in an area that WILL NOT block drivers view.

Staging Lane assignments for Time Trials:
Please enter the lane that corresponds with your cars ET. This will allow for closer time trial pairings.
• Lane 1 F.A.S.T. cars
• Lane 2 F/S cars, 12 Second ET's & Quicker
• Lane 3-4 F/S cars, 13 Second ET's
• Lane 5 F/S cars, 14 Second ET's & slower

Qualifying procedure:
To reduce the chance of human and computer error, we are requesting that on Friday, after F.A.S.T. & F/S racing has concluded for the day (after 5pm), bring your lowest ET time slip to the event tent (Terry Pennington's trailer) This will be used to verify the qualifying ET generated by the tracks computer. If you don't bring your ET slip to verify, we will go with what is on the tracks computer.

Drivers Meeting:
On Saturday at 1 pm, stop by the event tent for the mandatory drivers meeting. Here we will announce Quick-8 participants and best of 3 shootout pairings.

Race Procedure:
The track announcer will announce when to come to staging lanes for eliminations. Do not go into the staging lanes unless instructed. It is each 2/3 shootout racers responsibility to locate and pair up with their competitor PRIOR to entering the staging area.

Awards Ceremony:
Awards will be distributed after racing has concluded on Saturday, please stop by the event tent (Terry Pennington's trailer) for awards and door prizes immediately following the conclusion of racing on Saturday.

Visit the F.A.S.T. website for information on upcoming events:

Board of Directors:
Dave Dudek
Terry Pennington
Greg Gessler

Visit the F.A.S.T. website for everything about F.A.S.T.
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